Joanie Connell Interview

This blog is actually a vlog about my new book.  Spend 2 1/2 minutes watching this short video interview and help me come up with a new title for the book.

I’ll have more information on the book available soon.  If you have suggestions for a catchy title, I’d love your ideas.  The current working title is “Lessons from the Workplace: What Parents and Schools Are Missing.”

4 thoughts on “Joanie Connell Interview”

  1. Joanie, you look great. Topic is one that I feel strongly about as well. I think we are raising a generation of kids who are not inspired/ engaged or independent . I feel, as I stated before, that so much of the older generations are living in fear ( of too many things) and we are stunting the growth of young people. Great interview looking forward to book.
    How Society is stunting the growth of our children.
    Irrational parenting based on fear.
    What happened to work ethic?
    How not trusting children leads to disempowered adults.
    Just thinking out loud…..
    Please check out our short video if you have an opportunity, it is a project that I have been working on, trying to empower youth. any thoughts much appreciated. Thoughtfully, Suze

    1. It looks like they are empowering themselves! Very impressed. I posted it on FB and tweeted it out to get more funders. Let me know how it goes and what else I can do.

  2. I’ve been helping start an high school internship program ( at my work the past two summers and have been really impressed with our interns. We coordinate with the office of workforce development that provides weekly training on many of these workplace issues. Perhaps sometimes we (as a society) notice more the kids who are struggling with issues like lack of independence or responsibility.

    I guess I kind of liked your current title, but maybe since it’s about the gap in schools and parents preparing children for adulthood.

    Mind the Gap: Bridging the divide between school and career…what schools and parents are missing.

    Grow Up!

    Haven’t read the book yet… but if you send me a copy I am sure I’ll have more ideas.

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback and ideas! Yes, I agree that generalizations certainly don’t apply to everyone. I, too, have seen many impressive kids. Even the kids I talk about are usually impressive, just lacking some key skills that they’ll need to succeed one they are out on their own.

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