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Dr. Joanie Connell is much more than a 7CTOs facilitator.  She assesses and coaches executives, improves team cohesiveness and performance, and hosts a podcast especially for technical leaders.  As a 7CTOs member, you have access to special pricing on the following services.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Free Info Session to Explain Types of EQ Assessments

A number of 7ctos folks have asked me how they can figure out what level of EQ their people have so I put together a free zoom video call to explain various EQ assessment options and how people use them in organizations.  There will be time for questions too.  If you can’t make the call live, sign up anyway and I’ll send you the recording.

360-Degree EQ Assessment and Coaching

  • What: Find out how your colleagues at work perceive your EQ and measure your own perceptions against theirs using one of the best measures on the market, the EQi 360 assessment tool.
  • Why: To improve your communication skills and relationships and make yourself a better, more marketable leader.
  • How: Hire Joanie to conduct an online 360-degree EQ assessment of your boss, peers, team members, and other important people and deliver a detailed report to you during a 1 1/2-hour personalized feedback and coaching session and bonus 1/2-hour follow up call.
  • How much: $2,000 $1,495.  Additional 1-hour coaching sessions for $350 $295 each.

Contact Joanie or Etienne to get started.

EQ Ability Assessment and Feedback

  • What: Get an objective, scientifically based assessment of your EQ.
  • Why: There are many self-report measures out there, but the only objective assessment of emotional intelligence ability is the MSCEIT.  The Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) was developed and tested by some of the best EQ researchers in the world and the test has been used globally for over a decade to get accurate readings of people’s current levels of emotional intelligence.
  • How: Take a 45-minute online assessment and go through the results with one of our EQ experts to learn your EQ strengths and blind spots.  Your 1-hour feedback meeting also includes putting together an emotional development plan.
  • How much: $625 $495 includes the MSCEIT assessment instrument and 1-hour feedback meeting.  Additional 1-hour coaching sessions for $350 $295 each.

Contact Joanie or Etienne to get started.

Team Building and Meeting Facilitation

Do you have a sticky topic you need to work out with several people or a team that needs to work better together?  Take this opportunity to bring in Joanie as a meeting facilitator to drive the process for you so you can be a part of the discussion.  Save 25% on your next meeting facilitation on a 2-hour, 4-hour, or full-day meeting.

Contact Joanie or Etienne to schedule your team meeting.

Be a guest on the Reinventing Nerds podcast

Do you have leadership experiences to share?  Are you looking for more visibility?  Sign up to be a guest on the Reinventing Nerds podcast with host Joanie Connell.

Want to hear some episodes first?  Want to learn more about the podcast?

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