Hogan Instructions

Congratulations on getting started on your leadership development journey!  You will gain valuable self-insight that will help you define your next steps in your leadership development.

Joanie ConnellI’m Joanie Connell and I will be your leadership development coach.  I look forward to helping you better understand how you approach leadership with your given personality and what you can do differently to be more effective and get your team to deliver high levels of performance.

Email: jconnell@flexibleworksolutions.com or Text: +619-807-8165.

 Next Steps:

  1. Note your coaching session date and time on your calendar.  I will email you your Hogan report 1-2 days before our feedback session to give you time to look it over.  Please don’t spend too much time on it before we go over it together.  It will be a lot clearer after we talk it through.
  2. Complete the Hogan assessment instruments by following the instructions below.
    • Plan about an hour of quiet, uninterrupted time to complete the instruments.
    • Login to the Hogan site using the following url and password.
    • Note that once you have entered the password, the assessment is valid and you cannot leave and return to the login page to start over.

Hogan Assessment Portal url: click here  (https://tara.vitapowered.com/flexibleworksolutions/Hogan_Leadership_Development)

Password: development


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