Course Offerings: Millennial Series

Our Millennial Series Includes Courses for Employees, Managers, Youth, and Parents

Contact us to schedule a course for your organization or community.

Millennial Employees (25-35):

  • Building Independence and Resilience
  • Increase your Accountability
  • Improving Communicating and Influencing Skills
  • Constructive Ways to Deal with Conflict
  • Managing Stress and Burnout
  • Managing Up: Understanding your Employer’s Perspective

Managers of Millennials:

  • Coaching and Motivating Millennials to Be More Independent and Resilient
  • Meeting Your Millennials Half Way: Giving them Balance and Inspiring them to Work

Youth (15-25 years old):

  • 4 Skills You Need to Be Successful in Work and Life
  • Developing Emotional Strength to Get Through Tough Times
  • Empathy and Compassion: Two Critical Qualities to Work and Live with Others
  • Fending off Burnout: Managing and Balancing Your Time

Parents of Millennials and Generation Z:

  • Land the Helicopter and Empower Your Children
  • 4 Skills Your Kids Need to Be Successful in Work and Life
  • Is It You or Them? Targeted Independence Building Techniques
  • Talking Through the Dilemma of Parenting Today: Keep Up or Fall Behind?
  • Healthy Resilience: Toughen up Your Kids with Scrapes not Scars

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