About Flexible Work Solutions

Flexible Work Solutions, Inc. is a consulting firm that specializes in leadership assessment, development, and retention for all levels–executives, professionals, early career, and youth.

•    ASSESSMENT: Further understand a person’s skills, interests, and work styles.

•    DEVELOPMENT: Provide targeted coaching and resources to improve professional and leadership capability.

•    RETENTION: Develop flexible work strategies to meet individual needs and increase employee loyalty. Regenerate employees to help them shift into new roles or bring new energy to their current ones.

2 thoughts on “About Flexible Work Solutions”

    If the latter you might develop a product or two for companies that hire-on people who use them as a stepping stone to get something in less demanding industries e.g.general management consulting firms that bemoan their high personnel costs e.g. sponsoring RAs through their MBAs, providing them with sign-on bonuses and loosing them after 2-3 years.
    Overall I think this sited is fantastic. I will revisit it shorltly.
    Joanie: Let me know how I can best help0 you market the book? I’ll read the whole thing after it’s launched bgut in the in terim, if you’d like a few review-type comments sewnd me an abstract.
    glad toi see you’re so productive

    1. Richard, you’re the best! The book is out and available on Amazon.com. I am so glad you like the website. It sounds like you have lots going on in the business world “down under”.

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