Our Story

We were purpose-driven before “purpose-driven” was a thing.  We’ve always been about making the workplace better for workers and helping workers develop skills to succeed in the workplace.  With that purpose in mind, we started out focusing on helping organizations and workers develop and implement flexible working arrangements–no surprise, given our company name.

As flexible work became more commonplace, we expanded the realm of flexibility to include responding to today’s rapidly changing workplace.  Our purpose remains the same–to improve the workplace for people and develop people to be more successful in the workplace.

In terms of our organization, we started out, in 2005, as a business partnership and evolved into partnering with other businesses to provide our services.  That lets us be more flexible to meet client needs.

We serve for-profits and not-for-profits, individuals and organizations, young and old, on-boarding employees to seasoned executives.  We provide high quality solutions and treat people with respect and dignity.

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