Flying without a Helicopter

For the most part, parents want the best for their kids and they often go to great lengths to get it.  But parenting is hard.  There’s just no other way to say it.  It’s harder today because there are so many choices and there’s so much advice it’s hard to know what’s right.  It’s enough to make parents sick with worry.  We’re here to stop that, to relieve you from the worry, and to help you let go and let your kids develop into healthy, well-adjusted, hopefully happy young adults.  After all, that’s what we want most for them, right?

Resources for Parents and Teens

Read the book:

book covers promo_03Flying Without a Helicopter advises parents and young adults on what is important to help produce healthy, independent, self-reliant young adults who will thrive on their own. The advice in this book is based on decades of experience in working and consulting with employees, managers, and executives in the business world.

Watch the free webinar:

Talk with Joanie:

Parent Consultation Meeting

60-minute one-on-one parent consultation meeting with Joanie Connell via phone or video.


Ask questions, discuss your parenting challenges.  You’ll be glad you did!


Bring Joanie to your school, book group, or organization:

IMG_9513Joanie speaks often to parent associations, school assemblies, charity groups, book groups, and at conferences.

Schedule a 15-minute call with Joanie to learn more.



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