Nerd Coaching

Small Group Coaching

Portrait of a two men using laptopNeed to move the needle on your communication skills quickly?  Go for individual or small-group tools-based coaching.  No therapy, no mushy stuff.  Just straight communication tools to help you be better at your job.  (Bonus: It’s good for relationships outside of work too!)

Reinventing Nerds Monthly Group Coaching

Try it out with our low cost online group coaching with Joanie.  It’s the second Monday of every month.  You can’t beat the price: $29.95 for 90 minutes, five people max per session.  Sign up now.

Reinventing Nerds Group Coaching Call

Sign up for a single session or buy multiple sessions. We meet by zoom the second Monday of every month from 4:00-5:30 p.m. Pacific Time. You'll be sent the link upon receipt of payment.


60-Day Reinventing Nerds Targeted Coaching Package–exclusively with Joanie.

For an individualized program tailored to your specific needs, sign up for the 60/60 coaching package.  If you’ve got a training budget at work, you may have it covered for free.

  • Four 60-minute Zoom or Skype sessions in 60 days–one every two weeks. Face-to-face can be arranged for an extra cost.
  • Start with an assessment to help you figure out your target coaching area and what strengths you already have to leverage.
  • Work directly with Joanie at each session to gain direction, knowledge, and tools to improve your target communication skill.
  • All coaching assessment instruments and tools are included.

60/60 Nerd Coaching Package

Four 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions with Joanie via zoom or skype targeted to your specific communication need.


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