Reinventing Nerds Podcast Guest Information

Thank you for being a guest on the Reinventing Nerds podcast!  I am looking forward to having a resourceful yet fun conversation with you and sharing it with my listeners.  Here is some information that will help you prepare for the interview.

Description of Podcast:

Nerds are increasingly being asked to have it all—technical expertise and people skills.  Engineer-turned-psychologist Joanie Connell interviews nerds and people experts to uncover the best communication strategies for technical people.  She brings in everyone from big name scientists and computer geeks to everyday working ones as well as other entertaining and insightful people in a quest for the keys to help nerds interact more successfully with people of all types.  Asking thoughtful questions of her guests, she affectionately gives self-proclaimed nerds insights into important people strategies in a light-hearted, conversational style.

Details of Podcast:

It’s a 30-minute podcast but I’ve scheduled an hour with you.  We’ll have time to get to know each other, ask/answer questions ahead of time, and follow up after the interview is complete.  My goal is to make this a win/win and I aim to support you in your endeavors.  Having time to connect will allow me to know more about what I can do to support you.

Preparation for Podcast:

  1. Please listen to at least 1-2 episodes of the podcast to learn what it’s about and get comfortable with my style.
  2. I’d also really appreciate it if you would subscribe to it and rate it on iTunes.
  3. Please promote your episode to your followers before and after it is live.  I will send you the link in advance.
  4. If you get sick or need to reschedule for some other important reason, please let me know in advance.  You can get on my scheduler, email (, or call me (619-807-8165).


This is a video podcast, so please dress accordingly and have a background that you don’t mind making public.  The podcast will be shared on iTunes in audio form only, but the video will be posted on YouTube and on my website.  By being a guest on my podcast, you authorize me to use the recordings in my normal business practices.

Please have a decent quality microphone and headphones, as well as a webcam, and situate yourself in a quiet place with no distractions or interruptions for the hour we will be together.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  You can also join my Facebook and LinkedIn Reinventing Nerds groups.

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