Leadership Coaching

uncomfortable business peopleIs there someone in your organization who needs to develop specific leadership skills?  Do you need executive level coaching?  Management level?  Is your organization interested in creating a culture of coaching among your leaders?  Are your team members distributed across different geographical locations?  Have a look at our different offerings to see what best suits your needs.

Joanie specializes in working with technical people who move into leadership roles.

What are the hidden costs of your leaders not having people skills?

90-Day Targeted Leadership Coaching–exclusively with Dr. Joanie.

Joanie has found that our clients want focused results fast, so she came up with the 90/90 Targeted Coaching package.  It’s six 90-minute sessions in 90 days–one every two weeks.  She guarantees you’ll see marked improvement in one targeted leadership area of your choice by the end of 90 days.

Executive or Management Coaching

We offer in-person and virtual coaching options to suit your needs.  Choose the coach who best fits with your learning style and who has expertise in the specific area(s) you want to develop from our selection of professional coaches.  Contact us for profiles of coaches who match your needs.

Schedule a free consult or fill out the contact form below:



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