Team Building

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Does your team need a boost of morale, trust, or communication?  Whether you’ve got individual contributors or leaders, whether they’re located in the same building or across the world, whether you’ve got a budget for an off-site or an online event, we’ve got you covered with fun activities that build the team in the process.

Strengthen Your Team Team-Building Activity

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Give your team the gift of the Gallup CliftonStrengths instrument as a positive way for you and your team to identify and value each individual’s unique talents.  Each person, manager included, takes the 20-minute assessment beforehand. At the meeting, you learn about your unique talents together and engage in activities where people appreciate each other’s contributions and see how the team functions at a higher level when everyone’s talents are used. It’s an empowering and positive way for the team to discover how they can deliver better results faster.  Read the full description here.

The Invisible Path Game for Teams

Virbela Invisible Path Game

Take a virtual trip to VirBELA, a 3D virtual world where people interact with each other using avatars.  Team members use the metaphor of forging an invisible path to signify completing a project, with all its ambiguities and twists and turns.  Teammates guide each other along the invisible path with limited information.  There are deadlines and budgets to meet and distractions to avoid, just like in the real world.  While the activity is online, this team-building workshop can be run either entirely in Virbela or with the group debriefs in person.  Either way, the team leaves inspired and with new insights on how to work more effectively together.  To learn more, set up a quick demo here.

Virtual Social Hours

We offer several creative and fun social activities for teams on virtual platforms, such as VirBELA and Zoom.  Meet on the beach and watch the fireworks in VirBELA’s virtual world, have a game night on Zoom with prizes and teams, or enjoy a facilitated wine or chocolate tasting by a connoisseur.  We can set up the experience and we guarantee a good time.  To learn more, click here.

The Business Simulation for Aspiring Leaders

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The business simulation is a challenging, fun, and competitive team-building game where teams run a fictitious company using an online simulation that is facilitated by an expert in leadership and team development.  The teams compete for about 2 to 2-1/2 hours, through a number of simulated business quarters.  After the game is completed, the facilitator debriefs the activity with the team(s) by drawing out participant insights into the team and leadership dynamics and how the dynamics compare to their interactions at work.   Participants leave energized from the game and well-informed about how they can better lead and contribute to their teams at work. Learn more here.

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