Strengthen Your Team Team-Building Activity

Showing thumbs upDo you feel that your team could perform better?  Maybe they don’t communicate with each other as well as they could, or they don’t seem motivated to work together, or the team just hasn’t gelled yet? Are you noticing conflicts are slowing down results, or silos are causing oversights, or other teams are outperforming yours?  If so, now may be the time to take a short break to pull your team together for a half-day team-building activity.

The Strengthen Your Team activity is a positive way for you and your team to identify and value each individual’s unique talents.  This enables you, as the leader, to optimize delegation and coaching.  It helps the individuals on the team be more efficient and effective at what they do, and it helps the team members to work together to solve problems by leveraging each other’s talents.  Knowing each other’s strengths allows you and your team to deliver business objectives quickly and enjoy working together while doing it.

The Strengthen Your Team activity is a half-day meeting for the entire team and manager.  Every participant takes the 20-minute Gallup CliftonStrengths instrument prior to attending.  The manager spends an hour with a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach a week prior to the meeting to identify his/her strengths and begin applying them from a leader’s perspective.  It’s a fast, rewarding way to up-level the team with minimum time spent away from work.

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