Strengths Coaching Instructions

Congratulations on getting started on your Strengths journey!  You will feel empowered and focused as a result of this coaching.

Joanie ConnellI’m Joanie Connell and I will be your Strengths Coach.  My top 5 Strengths are: Individualization, Learner, Analytical, Responsible, and Strategic.  As a coach, I focus on you as a unique individual, I love to learn more about you, I can help you make connections between your Strengths and what you need to accomplish, I am very professional, and I can help you develop strategies to achieve your goals.

Email: or Text: +619-807-8165.

 Next Steps:

  1. Note your coaching session date and time on your calendar.
  2. Purchase/redeem and take the Gallup CliftonStrengths instrument.**
  3. Share your CliftonStrengths report with me–
    1. On the Gallup website, select “Community” and “Users I’m Sharing With” and “Share Your CliftonStrengths” and enter my email:
    2. OR email me a copy of your report directly to
  4. Fill out my coaching background form at least 48 hours prior to your coaching session so I can target the session to your specific situation and goals.

**There are several ways to purchase/take the CliftonStrengths instrument.  Choose the best option for you.

  1. If you purchase (or are given) a Strengths book, it will have an access code in the back, which you can redeem at no additional cost.  See links to books below.
  2. You can purchase the top 5 report ($19.99/$11.99 for students) or the 34 full report ($49.99).  Scroll down the Gallup website to see both options and choose which is right for you.  You can always upgrade later if you only want to purchase the top 5 right now.
  3. Your school or organization may have access to the CliftonStrengths or copies of the books.  You may be able to get an access code from them.
  • Students purchase discounted CliftonStrengths or redeem an access code here.
  • Individuals purchase CliftonStrengths or redeem an access code here.
  • Managers purchase CliftonStrengths or redeem an access code here.

Strengths Books:


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