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Tough Love for Millennials

tough loveDear Millennials,

You’re not the only ones who’ve tried to get jobs in a recession. You’re not the only ones who’ve had college loans to pay off. You’re not the only ones to want to live in a fancier apartment than you can afford and have a better job than you can get.

The difference is you’re blaming your problems on everyone else instead of taking responsibility to fix them.

So what if it’s not your fault. People are born and raised with all sorts of disadvantages. Being privileged is hardly heartrending.

Stop whining and work. No more excuses. Just do it.

Find a job and take it. Even if it’s not the job you dreamed of. Even if it’s boring. Get out there and earn some money and start paying off your college loans. And while you’re at it, live an affordable lifestyle. Budget yourself so you can pay for your expenses and make loan payments at the same time.

Don’t live above your means. You can’t eat caviar on a beef jerky budget. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

I really do love you!