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What Have We Done to the Next Generation?

Thought Piece

What are we doing to our children? They are counting on us to raise them to be healthy, capable adults. They are depending on us to put our own needs aside in the interest of theirs.

But look at how selfish we are!

We placate our distress by keeping our children happy instead of robust.

spoiled girl

We live our joys through what we deem as worthy achievements for our kids instead of letting them live their own dreams.

child graduatingWe make money by causing mass anxiety through media and product marketing instead of letting parents believe in themselves and their kids.

family marketing

We drain the earth’s resources to make ourselves comfortable instead of leaving enough for subsequent generations.

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We create personal and national debt, instead of saving for our populace’s future.


What have we done? How can we continue to do this? Why are we blaming the younger generations for our selfishness? Who’s the entitled generation really?