Work from Home

Free  and reduced rate resources for managing employees who are working from home during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak.


Coronavirus Tips: Flexible Work Solutions

Coronavirus Tips: How to work from home when your kids are home too

Coronavirus Workplace Tips: Manage a Virtual Team


Leadership Coaching and Team Support:

Schedule a free 15-minute zoom call with Joanie to learn more.

Technology and Business Consulting and Tools:

Fortium Partners are offering a free, 30-minute consultation with any organization that has been directly impacted by the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak and is facing technology, security or business continuity challenges. The largest piece of the situation has been to help figure out remote work and business continuity strategy. They are doing free consulting sessions with everyone and then reduced rates for small businesses in need and pro bono for any healthcare, government, or non-profit organizations.  Click here for details.

TrustMetryx helps leaders build the healthy, trusting relationships that are the key to innovation, energy, and performance. They make it simple to identify and address issues on and across teams before they diminish trust, hurt performance, and people disengage. Using a breakthrough in behavioral science, TrustMetryx gives leaders the insights, coaching, and KPI’s they need to build trust on their remote teams. Xmetryx is offering the TrustMetryx software for 90-days at no cost. Click here to sign up.

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