Flexible Work Solutions

Flexible, adaptive, creative work solutions for you and your organization.

Flexible Work Solutions, Inc. is a consulting firm that specializes in leadership assessment, development, and retention for all levels–executives, professionals, early career, and youth.  We particularly love nerds.


All of our services can be provided virtually.  For people who work from home or are working with distributed teams, we offer virtual coaching, team building, training, and consulting.  We’re all about flexibility and we can offer services to meet your workplace needs.

Virtual Workshop on Managing Through Uncertainty in Times of COVID

Our interactive virtual workshop on crisis management has been particularly well received.  Custom options are available.  Have a look here.

Nerds, Learn Communication Skills Your Way

Student in glasses with booksNerds, we get it that you don’t want to be smooth-talking, manipulative, or touchy-feely.  You just want to be able to work effectively in a team, manage your manager, and understand the end-user’s perspective to get your product designs right. The Reinventing Nerds program is by nerds for nerds.  It helps technical people develop communication skills in a way that works for them.

Hire us to bring your team from dysfunction to well-functioning…

diverse meetingThe business simulation is a challenging, fun, and competitive team-building game where teams run a fictitious company using an online simulation that is facilitated by an expert in leadership and team development.  The teams compete for about 2 to 2-1/2 hours, through a number of simulated business quarters.  After the game is completed, the facilitator debriefs the activity with the team(s) by drawing out participant insights into the team and leadership dynamics and how the dynamics compare to their interactions at work.   Participants leave energized from the game and well-informed about how they can better lead and contribute to their teams at work. Learn more here.

Bring Joanie in to speak to your organization, club, school to…

Collaborate Across Generations

business meeting Imagine a workplace where your Baby Boomers and Millennials cross-mentor each other, share information, and are happy to work together.  This workshop takes you on a virtual spaceship to travel through time to understand how other generations grew up and formed different values, attitudes, and behaviors, so you can interact with curiosity, understanding, and empathy.  Learn more here.

Help Teens Develop REAL Life Skills

teen friends groupHow can we help teens shed their anxiety?  How can we stop them from becoming isolated and cyberbullied on social media?  Teach them REAL life skills!  Teach them how to develop resilience to get through tough times, how to be empowered to come up with healthy solutions to their challenges, how to be authentic and be okay with themselves, and how to be limber, to be able to flex with changing demands.  Learn more here.

Flexible Work Solutions Services


  • ASSESSMENT: Further understand a person’s skills, interests, and work styles.
  • DEVELOPMENT: Provide targeted coaching and resources to improve professional and leadership capability.
  • RETENTION: Develop flexible work strategies to meet individual needs and increase employee loyalty. Regenerate employees to help them shift into new roles or bring new energy to their current ones.


See Joanie talk about empowering girls for work on the video of her interview on Women Kicking Glass Radio Show.