We provide leadership and career assessments, coaching, training, and keynote speakers on a variety of topics.

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What We Do

We offer leadership, team, and personal assessment and development. For leaders and teams, we assess to determine whether a person or team has the right knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics to succeed in the job and organizational culture. We coach and train leaders to help them succeed once they are there. For professionals, parents, and teens, we help people discover what strengths and interests they have to select a career and we help younger people develop the life skills to succeed at work and life.



Leadership & Team Assessment

Hiring, Promoting, Developing

Do you need to hire good leaders or executives and make sure they’re the right fit for the organization? Do you want to develop a leadership succession plan? Do you want to assess your own leadership skills?

Leadership & Team Development

Coaching, Training, Teambuilding

Are you new to management? Have you gotten feedback that you need to improve your influencing skills or be more sensitive to others? Do you have anyone on your team who is alienating customers, clients, or teammates?

For Individuals

Career Coaching

Do you want to pick a college major, start a new career or make a change? Do you want to know whether a new career will be a good fit before starting over from scratch? Do you need help finding the right job?

REAL Life Coaching

Are you looking for tools to reduce your overwhelm as a parent? Do you want to empower your teen to build their confidence, be able to try new things, and bounce back from mistakes?

Are You A Non-Profit or Small Business?

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We offer great value and expertise for non-profits and small businesses.

Hiring and Succession Planning

When you are making hiring and promotion decisions, you need to use objective, unbiased, and legally defensible tools to assess your candidates. At the highest levels of the organization, it is also critical to get the right leaders in who will put the well-being of the organization first, build strong relationships, and make sound business decisions.

Leadership Workshops


Workshops are engaging, interactive, targeted short courses in which participants immediately apply what they learn, and they leave with tools and techniques they can immediately use at work. Workshops can be offered in person as half-day or full-day classes or online in 90-minute or 2-hour segments. Workshop curricula may be designed to include multiple workshops offered consecutively for an intensive training experience or spread out periodically over weeks or months for ongoing development. We work with you to design the optimal experience for participants to learn, build a support network of peers, and enjoy the process.

Workshops Focusing on Self

  • Discovering and Developing Your Leadership Strengths
  • Building Mental Fitness to Overcome Leadership Challenges
  • Developing Your Leadership Effectiveness from 360-Degree Feedback

Workshops Focusing on Getting Things Done

  • Strategies for Effective Time Management
  • Performance Management and Accountability
  • Facilitating Productive Meetings

Workshops Focusing on Others

  • Leading Strengths Based Teams
  • Managing Different Personalities Using DISC, Myers Briggs, Big Five, or Hogan
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Polishing Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Optimizing Conflict
  • Leading Your Team Through Change
  • Teaming for Success and a Positive Work Environment
  • Building and Maintaining Trust in Your Organization

Targeted Training for Specific Populations and Leadership Challenges

  • Managing Remote and Hybrid Teams
  • Uniting Your Multi-Generational Teams
  • People Strategies for Technical People
  • Success Strategies for Women Leaders
  • Implementing Human Centered AI

Additional Training Programs

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Hiring and Interviewing
  • Reinventing Yourself After 50
  • Career Management
  • Life Skills
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Keynote Speakers

Many of our consultants are also keynote speakers. If you are looking for an engaging presentation on a timely topic for a business meeting, retreat, or conference, schedule an appointment to learn about our options.