Joanie’s Most Popular Speaking Topics

A Bridge to the Other Side: Cross-Generational Collaboration

CongratsIt feels like an “us vs. them” society these days with Baby Boomers and Millennials at each other’s throats, and Gen Xers sandwiched in between.  Joanie helps the different generations understand each other and gives strategies for people of all ages to live and work together to create a better future for us all.

“Joanie lit up the room with her enthusiasm and passion.  She challenged people to think in new ways, and had examples and details to back up her arguments.  She also made us laugh.” –Attorney

Helicopters Anonymous: What It Means to Parent for Success

IMG_9513How are parents unwittingly getting in the way of their children’s success?  Joanie talks about what life skills kids are missing out on with today’s (helicopter) approach to parenting.  Parents leave with an understanding of what it’s like when children grow up and try to live on their own without such life skills and what parents can do now to help their children develop skills for success in any path they take.

“Intelligent, thoughtful, and thought-provoking.” –Parent of a Teenage Girl

Flying without a Helicopter: What Does It Take to Succeed at Work?

AdvertisingTeens learn that, to be successful at work, they will need to be able to (1) work independently, (2) make decisions, and (3) bounce back from mistakes.  Joanie inspires young people to attain these skills and gives them tips on how to do it in a powerful, engaging way.

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“I had Joanie as a guest on my podcast, Natural Born Coaches, and she knocked it out of the park!  I got lots of great feedback on her episode and highly recommend that you book her … now!”  –Marc Mawhinney

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conscious millionaireListen to an interview of Joanie on Conscious Millionaire.

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