360-degree Feedback Assessment

Individual 360-degree Feedback Assessment

Every leader behaves differently with different people or roles in the organization and they are perceived differently as well.  A 360-degree feedback assessment provides a mechanism for a leader to receive honest feedback from people in different levels or functions in the organization.  A 360-degree feedback assessment reaches out to people in different functions in the organization to get their perceptions of the leader’s performance along several relevant leadership dimensions.


The leader and 6-12 work associates complete the 360-degree Feedback Instrument online (about 30 minutes each).

  • The work associates include a manager, a group of peers, a group of direct reports, and an optional other group, such as internal or external customers.
  • The assessment is conducted externally by the coach or coach’s organization to ensure confidentiality of participants.
  • The participant shares names and contact information of the raters and the coach coordinates the communications to the raters.

The 360-degree feedback instrument may be one of the following.

  • EQi 360
  • SVI 360


The comprehensive 360-degree Feedback Report for the chosen instrument.


Participate in a 1 ½ hour meeting to go through and ensure understanding of the 360-degree report.  Compare and contrast the feedback from the individual and others and identify strengths and development opportunities.  Determine which strengths and areas for development are most relevant to the individual’s leadership goals.  Incorporate the participant’s strengths and development opportunities into a development plan to accentuate their leadership strengths and address their leadership gaps to strengthen their overall leadership platform.


Individual 360-degree assessment and feedback

Includes the 360-degree Feedback Instrument, Rater Coordination, Report, Development Plan Template, and Feedback Session.


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