Career Coaching

man with business cardDo you want to pick a college major, start a new career or make a change? Do you want to know whether it will be a good fit before starting over from scratch? If so, you might benefit from a career assessment and coaching.

CAREER ASSESSMENT: We use assessment tools that help people become more aware of their interests, how they come across to others, their own underlying motivations, and how they behave under stress. They also match people with specific types of jobs that fit their individual characteristics. Contact us to learn how to get an assessment started.

CAREER COACHING: Using select assessment instruments, a career coach helps the individual become more self-aware and explore different career choices. The individual may decide to conduct some abilities tests as well.  The individual may choose to assess their abilities in different areas as well.  The career coach can help the person put together a development plan to prepare themselves for the career they want to have.  The career coach may also advise the individual on resume writing, provide job searching resources, practice interviewing, and even connect the individual to actual job opportunities.

We have several Starter Packages that include a career assessment and a meeting with a career coach to go over the assessment results and relate them to your career aspirations. Sign up for a free consultation now or dive right in and select a package to get started.

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